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Contacting us
Mathias Olaf Uncertain as he is usually
seen, clutching a pint and a burger dotdotdotcomma is the work of a large and well-fed team but many of them prefer to remain anonymous. The editors have no such qualms, however, and can be contacted at the click of a mouse.Virgil Ellipse demonstrating his astounding
ability to sleep while standing up
Mathias Olaf Uncertainmathias@dotdotdotcomma.com
Virgil Ellipsevirgil@dotdotdotcomma.com

Fancy contributing something?
Just recently we've been inundated with unsolicited suggestions and articles. We're happy to say that both submissions came up to the required standard and we've added them to the dotdotdotcomma canon. Our Watford correspondent got some bile off her chest in the Spleen Vent room, while George from Lincoln suggested a look-alike that had escaped our attention.

If you'd like to contribute to the site and feel that you can match the lofty journalistic standards set by the bunch of untrained, part-time chancers known as our editorial team, send something to subeditor@dotdotdotcomma.com and we may be able to use your work.

Much as we'd like to be in a position to offer some financial inducement, the only reward for your efforts will be knowing that you have added a single brick, or perhaps just a thin layer of mortar, to the shining edifice that is dotdotdotcomma.

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