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dotdotdotcomma is the world's leading motorsport humour and satire site, enjoyed by discerning fans everywhere, including those nice people at Autosport, and if you won't take even their word for it, have a look at what all these independent observers think.

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 For the sake of the deity of your choice, dotdotdotcomma™, it's almost March! Where the afterlife of your choice are you? 
  Too busy with other things.  graph bargraph backbround  (9%)  
  Hibernating.  graph bargraph backbround  (33%)  
  Too busy hibernating.  graph bargraph backbround  (11%)  
  Pissed.  graph bargraph backbround  (17%)  
  Hungover.  graph bargraph backbround  (4%)  
  All of the above.  graph bargraph backbround  (26%)  
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1 F1 News 44%
2 F1 Look-alikes 14%
3 Road To F1 News 13%
4 F1 Race Results 5%
5 Drink-A-Long-A-Grand-Prix 3%
739 Rory Awards 0%

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