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 And I interrupt myself to bring you this: How do you feel on hearing the news that F1 commentary legend Murray Walker has died? 
  The cup of misery is filled past over-flowing.  graph bargraph backbround  (8%)  
  It's raining, and the track is wet.  graph bargraph backbround  (28%)  
  So tense you could cut it with a cricket stump.  graph bargraph backbround  (3%)  
  I can't believe what's happening, visually, in front of my eyes.  graph bargraph backbround  (13%)  
  If you haven't got your heart in your mouth, you jolly well should have.  graph bargraph backbround  (27%)  
  Look up there! That's the sky!  graph bargraph backbround  (13%)  
  ...unless I'm very much mistaken..., I AM very much mistaken!  graph bargraph backbround  (7%)  
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1 F1 News 42%
2 Road To F1 News 14%
3 F1 Look-alikes 12%
4 F1 Race Results 11%
5 Drink-A-Long-A-Grand-Prix 3%
739 Rory Awards 0%

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