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"I don't make mistakes. I make prophesies
that immediately turn out to be wrong."  

Welcome to a page that represents a bit of a departure for dotdotdotcomma; namely, a celebration of Michael Schumacher's records in F1. Now, before you all start foaming at the mouth, allow us to explain.

This page lists all the classic Formula 1 records we could think of, including all those that Schumacher holds and those that he held at one time, plus, of course, all the records that he will never be able to hold, just for good measure.

Over the coming years, we will take great joy in celebrating every time one of his records is beaten. When he's finally got no records left (apart, naturally, from "Odious tosser in the history of motorsport: most"), we'll throw a big, big party. In Kerpen.

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