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"road to f1" look-alikes
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  GP2: Mike Conway/Simon Woods
  Mike Conway   Simon Woods    Whilst perambulating Monte Carlo's Rue Grimaldi this past Whitsun, and finding that famous throroughfare uncommonly populous for the season, I fancied that I espied, sauntering in my direction, that most excellent thespian Simon Woods, who had of late portrayed the character of Dr Harrison so charmingly in a popular production of that most excellent piece, Cranford. I naturally bade the fellow a hearty good morrow, congratulated him on his recent performance, and wished him good fortune in his future endeavours. In return he looked upon my countenance in some confusion; I knew not why. Not wishing to detain him further, I bade him an equally hearty farewell, and it was only upon turning away that I realised that I might have been mistaken, that this good fellow was GP2 ace Mike Conway, and I had been a complete tit.

KEY TO SERIES NAMES (hovering over the abbreviations in the table above also shows the full series name)
The former Formula 2, now twice-renamed and god alone knows why.

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