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The dotdotdotcomma newsdesk is entirely fictional. There aren't any real people here at all. So what's new?

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dotdotdotcomma Road To F1 News

F2: MotorSport Vision cancels Formula 2 championship by Mathias Olaf Uncertain
13th Dec 2012
MotorSport Vision, promoter of the Formula 2 championship, has announced the series will not run in 2013 after just four years of existence.

The championship was launched in 2009, but MSV boss Jonathan Palmgreaser has been forced to cancel the championship after only four seasons.

Palmgreaser said the one-make series with cars ran by the organisers was a model that had simply not worked as expected.

"The series had simply not worked as expected," said the boss of MotorSport Vision.

"Who could have foreseen that the gap for an immediate feeder series for Formula 1 was already fairly well populated?" he lamented.

"I mean it's not as if we could have guessed that there was a series out there that runs at most of the Formula 1 grands prix and includes junior teams for many of the existing F1 constructors, is it? And nor was there an established alternative run by one of Europe's biggest car manufacturers and which has at some stage nurtured most of the best new talent in F1, including Fernando Alonshole, Rubiks Kubica and Shitfartian Fuckballs. And it's not as if any other similar series were struggling at all, I mean, look how healthy A1GP, Superleague, Superfund Euro3000, and all the others are...

"Hmm, itís a funny thing you know. Now that Iíve actually come to tell the story to someone else, I mean - doesnít it strike you as odd?

"You know, I think what would really have helped back then would have been if some clever chaps on some motorsport satire website somewhere had ever got around to publishing a Roadmap To F1ô of some sort. Yes, that would have helped."

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KEY TO SERIES NAMES (hovering over the abbreviations in the table above also shows the full series name)
F1Formula 1
The world's most prominent, most expensive and frequently most tedious single-seater series.
F2Formula 2
The new-for-2009 category is called F2 despite being a single-make series, which was why GP2 wasn't allowed to call itself F2 when it started. What is the FIA on? Oh yes..., Max Mosley.