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the Louise Goodman fan club
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"I don't make mistakes. I make prophesies
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With her trademark armful of bangles, Louise Goodman has become a familiar sight and an even more familiar sound in the pit lane during an F1 weekend. We at dotdotdotcomma had taken Louise somewhat for granted until one day at Donington when we were fortunate enough to meet her. We were impressed by her good humour, which she maintained even after Nigel Mansell landed on her head in a Minardi two-seater. [click here for an explanation]

Louise Goodman
To be brutally frank, most people would shine when viewed in the context of Jim Rosenthal's charmlessness and James Allen's nauseating fawning over all things Schumacher but we feel that Louise has the personality and expertise to take her rightful place at Martin Brundle's side in the commentary box.

Her comments are by necessity succinct and more often than not she is interviewing a driver who has just retired from the race. This must be a pretty thankless task. F1 drivers are not generally noted for their happy-go-lucky demeanour and crashing, spinning, smoking or spluttering their way out of a grand prix in no way lightens their already serious disposition, yet Louise manages to convey the feeling that the driver in question, though perhaps not pleased to see her, nonetheless does not regard the interview as a chore. This is a feat not easily accomplished. Can you imagine Jim Rosenthal pulling it off? Nor can we.

Louise makes a valid and interesting point
You may have noticed that this page doesn't really constitute a fan club as such. We have to come clean there. Fan clubs are labours of love that consume your free time and consequently cause rifts between loved ones and, although you probably imagine that dotdotdotcomma.com is a slick outfit run by a sizable team of dedicated professionals, it's actually put together by a small number of people with full-time jobs and justifiably demanding other halves. We like to think that we lead full and satisfying lives when we're not working for The Man or e-keeping in touch with you all and much as we'd like to spend time running Louise's fan club, we value a harmonious domestic existence even more. That said, we chose to name this "The Louise Goodman Fan Club" as a statement of intent rather than of fact. One day there will be a proper fan club here.

As an interesting aside, an incident at the Donington event mentioned above seems to have killed off the famous "Bad luck, (insert driver's name here)" with which Louise used to sign off her interviews during ITV's race coverage. A dotdotdotcomma board member asked Louise to sign his Minardi postcard "Bad luck, Matt", which no doubt puzzled her. When, some moments later, a second dotdotdotcomma representative asked for her signature to be preceded with "Bad luck, Dave", Louise felt justified in asking what was going on. When told that it was because she always finished her interviews in this way, she asked, "I'm not really that predictable, am I?". The gathered admirers confirmed almost as one that this was indeed the case and since that day, the fabled words have failed to appear on ITV. We at dotdotdotcomma are deeply sorry if we have caused the demise of this well-loved expression and we urge Louise to reinstate it in her interviews. Things just aren't the same without it.

Find out more about Louise at her official site: www.louisegoodman.com

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