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FFE: All-Electric series to race in Galapagos Islands by Mathias Olaf Uncertain
28th Jul 2015
Around the world in 180kW
Around the world in 180kW
The World Motor Sport Council have announced the calendar for the 2015/16 season of the FIEh? Formula e championship.

The series, which was won in 2014/15 by Half-Nelson Piquet by the judicious management of power and the avoidance of deliberately crashing into anything, will comprise 11 races in almost as many locations, with Britain again completing the season with a double-header in London's glamorous Battersea Park.

Other popular venues from the inaugural season will be revisited, including Uruguay's famous Pie del Fray Bentos circuit, plus the addition of a new race in Paris, france.

A surprising addition to the calendar, as can be discerned from the map (right?), is the Galapagos Islands, where a track will be laid out at the islands' main airport, to be named Tierra Baltra Circuito, or TBC, which will approximately double the number of motor racing circuits in Ecuador, the nation that brought us Sebastián Merchán Maldonado (no relation) among no other drivers.

Spokesperson for the Galapagos Motor Sports Federation, Marie Niguana said "For sure, we are very 'appy that FIEh? Formula e is coming to how you say the Galapagos Islands.

"I am contractually obliged to say something positive about the future of electric motor vehicles and something else about how iconic our circuit will be. But more importantly than that, we want to see some auto racing that will be quiet enough not to disturb the local population of endangered reptiles and rare birds.

"Speaking of," she added, "do you want to see my boobies?"

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KEY TO SERIES NAMES (hovering over the abbreviations in the table above also shows the full series name)
F1Formula 1
The world's most prominent, most expensive and frequently most tedious single-seater series.
FFEFIA Formula E
All-electric single seater racing series. Sounds like a swarm of angry wasps.