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The dotdotdotcomma newsdesk is entirely fictional. There aren't any real people here at all. So what's new?

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dotdotdotcomma F1 News

F1: FIEh? clarifies defensive-driving rules by Virgil Ellipse
6th Jan 2012
The FIEh?, motorsport's ruling body, has issued a clarification about the defensive moves allowed in Formula One from the 2012 season.

The governing body had stated at the end of last year that drivers would no longer be allowed to move back onto the racing line after moving off it to defend their position. The new sporting regulations, issued on Wednesday, now state the rule as follows:

"More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted. Any driver moving back towards the racing line, having earlier defended his position off-line, should leave at least one car width between his own car and the edge of the track on the approach to the corner."

So if a driver moves away from the racing line to defend, he absolutely cannot move back towards it. But any driver doing so must leave at least one car width.

Good. No room for ambiguity there.

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