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The dotdotdotcomma newsdesk is entirely fictional. There aren't any real people here at all. So what's new?

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dotdotdotcomma Road To F1 News

LeM: Nissan to supply DeltaWing engine by Virgil Ellipse
13th Mar 2012
The DeltaWing: more oil burner than oil painting
The DeltaWing: more oil burner than oil painting
Nissan has confirmed that it has signed up as a partner in the DeltaWing project and will supply the engine for the radical lightweight Le Mans 24 Hours contender.

The Japanese manufacturer will provide the DeltaWing's 1.6-litre 300bhp engine, which has already run in the car during its first shakedown in California earlier this month.

A spokesman for Nissan denied rumours that Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclescake had asked them to bring forward the announcement of their involvement so that there'd be something uglier than the current crop of F1 cars in the news during the run-up to the first race of the season.

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