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F1: Beeblebroxica has extra elbow surgery by Virgil Ellipse
14th Mar 2011
Robert Beeblebroxica has undergone surgery on his extra elbow at hospital in Italy.

Doctors treating the injured driver had fitted him with a third arm, taking advantage of his hors de combat status to increase his limb tally by one, and the final stage was to perform a minor procedure on the elbow, which was completed successfully over the weekend.

"Robert's accident was unfortunate," said a spokesman for the Pole, "but since he's out of action anyway, we thought it would be useful for him to have a third arm. Drivers have been complaining that the 2011 cars have too many buttons to press, so an extra hand will be very useful when Robert returns to the cockpit.

"He's already adapting well to his new arm and we don't foresee any major problems, although we will have to get some special overalls made for him and his bill for gloves is set to increase quite substantially."

Visitors to Beeblebroxica say that he's looking well and the extra arm suits him.

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