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F1: F1 Records update: British GP by Mathias Olaf Uncertain
9th Jul 2012
Rainfall aside, the 2012 British GP was never going to set the dotdotdotcomma F1 records page alight, but if it had, the rain would at least have put it out.

Here are one or two things you might have missed if you didn't stay alert.

On the Trackmeister™ stakes, Fernando Alonshole's pole position has equalled (and therefore beaten, thanks to the unique way in which dotdotdotcomma's F1 records pages are calculated) the record of 3 poles at Silverstone jointly held by GameOn Still, Niggle Mangle and Jim Khana, making him the first non-Brit to hold the record (albeit jointly) since Pinin Farina shared it with Starling Mess in 1958, or Jim Khana nabbed it from both of them in 1967, if you prefer. In doing so, the Spaniard can also now call himself the active Silverstone Trackmeister™, holding a total of 8 points, against Michael Shitparker's 7. Patriots, jingoists and xenophobes will do doubt be pleased to hear that there is some way to go still to beat Il Limone's 12.

Kimi Comebackkinen (thank the deity of your choice he's back) took another step closer towards Shitparker's fastèst laps record - one more flap and he's half-way there. But Alonshole has gone one better, and is now more than half-way to the record for the most podiums... podia... whatever.

The most exciting news is that either Alonshole or Mark Cobber could equal (and hence beat, etc., etc.) Shitparker's record for the most wins in a season. All that needs to happen is for one of them to win every single remaining race. Easy.

Oh, and of course the fokker is still adding to the scoresheets for his records for total points scored and most points finishes.

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