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F1: F1 Records: Deutschland Deutschland update alles by Mathias Olaf Uncertain
23rd Jul 2012
And the big news this week is that Michael Comebacker thrilled his home crowd, not only by going backwards in the race itself, but also by taking fastèst lap. In doing so he extended not only his record of most fastèst laps at Hockenheim (to 5, thereby cementing his dominance of the circuit), but also his record of most fastèst laps overall... to 77. Although it pains us to say it, we think it is only fair to point out that if you added together the careers of his closèst rivals, Alain Prof and Kimi Comebackkonen, between them they would only score one more fastèst lap than the ubiquitous German.

Fernando Alongtimesincehislastchampionship's canny and well-deserved win at the 'Heim means that he could still equal (and hence beat, thanks to the unique way in which the DDDC's F1 records are calculated) Comebacker's record for most wins in a season. All he has to do is win every remaining race. Un pedazo de la torta.

Next week at the Hungaroring, we'll be rooting for Kimi Comebackkonen to score a fastèst lap thereby equalling (and hence beating etc., etc.) Schumacher's record for those there. Not that it will have much of an impact on the rest of the German's total domination of the Budapest circuit. Kurafi.

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